Our staff consists of a wide variety of personalities.

Josh Robey

As the manager, he handles most of the special orders and fills in to assist with fittings when things get busy. Check him out. Josh really is a lover of great shoes, and he knows how they should fit! 



Sara is assistant manager at The Shoe Shack. With years of training under her belt, Sara knows how to fit shoes.  She is eager to help and willing to listen to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Sara is a great addition to our team.


Liz is another of our fitting experts. She has been with The Shoe Shack for 6 years, and within those years, has gained an intense level of training for shoe fitting and specializes in fitting the entire family. Liz spent her high school days on the Hempstead Mustangs Cross Country and Track running teams. Liz currently attends the University of Iowa and is studying neuroscience. If you have questions on the proper shoes for your running, Liz can help. 

Her favorite shoe: New Balance 1080 -  I love the 1080's because each version keeps getting better and better. The cushioning is always just right and it's my go to shoe!



Marissa  is another expert shoe fitter.  She has a great personality to get to know. Stop in and ask Marissa for assistance with your new shoes. Marissa is always ready to assist you in finding what you want.



Taylor is an amazing athlete himself and happy to help you find the right fit for your next adventure or casual walk down the street. Stop in and meet Taylor today!



Henry has a take charge attitude and a refuse-to-lose mentality that means he won't quit until you are satisfied.


Stop in and see just how special a custom shoe fitting experience can be.

 If your feet hurt you should check out The Shoe Shack . . . Home of the Fit Guarantee!