Our Shoes

We carry multiple shoe brands such as;

· Brooks

· Saucony

· Apex


· Dunham

· Hoka

· Mizuno

· New Balance

· Orthofeet

· Teva




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Running Shoes

 We offer a wide variety of shoes for multiple types of feet. During a custom fit analysis our trained fitters will evaluate your arch height, gait cycle, and take measurements of your foot size to ensure a proper fit. There  3 main category types of running shoes. 



 ·Motion Control 



Fitness Shoes

Fitness shoes are typically worn for cross-training activities that involve any type of major side to side activity such as fitness classes or court sports.


Appointments are NOT necessary for fittings. Please stop by at your convenience today! You'll be pleased with the expert staff.


Trail Shoes

Trail shoes are often for runners or walkers looking for extra grip added to the bottom of the shoes for more stability and support. We offer brands such as Brooks, Mizuno, Hoka, and Saucony!

Our friendly staff is ready to assist you. Stop in today!


Walking Shoes

We offer a wide variety of shoes for multiple types of walking shoes. Walking shoes are designed for lower impact day-to-day wear. They are often designed with a leather upper, and some are available in a slip-resistant option. We offer brands such as New Balance, Brooks, Orthofeet

and Saucony!




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